Company Activities

1.    Administrative Law
 Administrative law is the amalgam of laws and legal principles governing the administration and regulation of government agencies (Federal and State).  We represent clients in relation to dispute resolution arising out of administrative functions of various departments and their contracts.
2.     Agency and Distributorship and Franchise Law
 A commercial agency is a provision in the UAE Law allowing a foreign company to carry out its marketing and selling activities in the country without having a physical presence here.  The UAE Commercial Agencies Law regulates the appointment of commercial agents, sales representatives and distributors in the UAE.  We excel in drafting contracts to derive maximum benefit for the client.  We also specialize in resolving any disputes arising from such arrangements.
3.     Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
 Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution have proven to provide a more cost-effective way of settlement of disputes than traditional litigation proceedings.  It results in a binding decision by an Arbitrator or panel of Arbitrators which can be judicially enforced.  Arbitration awards are subject to appeal or review only under certain special circumstances.  In commercial disputes, it is less injurious to business relationship.
4.     Banking and Finance
Banking and finance industry has played an essential part in the rapid growth of the UAE economy.  In the last decade Banking and Finance Industry has made remarkable progress and Dubai has emerged as a financial hub where scores of local and international banks are operating.  Finance required for trade, construction and services is not free from risk.  Being familiar with the most challenging and intricate financial transactions, we are able to protect the interests of our clients.
5.     Business set up and Corporate Law
To invest in a business, one needs to select a disciplined and appropriate legal form.  Such a discipline is not only necessary not only for protecting the investment but also for ensuring its smooth operation.  Our firm has extensive expertise in the establishment and registration of new companies among the different type of business formations including free zone and offshore companies allowed under the UAE laws and regulations.  We have represented numerous growth-oriented companies from inception to maturity.  This includes preparatory arrangements, negotiations, drafting of contracts/agreements, documentation, registration of establishment, liquidation, closure, mergers and acquisitions and takeovers.
6.     Civil and Commercial Law
Our lawyers have extensive trial experience in both civil and commercial cases.  This include representing individual and corporate clients in civil and administrative hearings, suits involving the enforcement of contracts, actions for the recovery of damages based on agreements/contracts, pursuing judicial enforcement of property rights and trade disputes.
7.    Construction
UAE in general and Dubai in particular witnessed an unprecedented construction boom during the last decade.  Relevant documentation involving rights and obligations of owners, investors, constructors etc. have also changed.  Huge amount of money is getting invested in the construction field.  We handle all the intricate and complex questions relating to all the aspects of Real Estate Law supporting both landlords, lessees and end users.
8.      Consumer Protection Law
 We handle consumer protection law enabling consumers to know their rights and obligations to obtain various qualities and products, remedying negligence and bad quality products.  We guide the consumer in securing goods and services according to the standards prescribed by the government authorities.
9.     Criminal Law
 We offer legal assistance covering all phases of criminal judicial process providing consultations to clients and representing them before criminal courts of all levels and other official bodies.
10.    Debt Recovery
 We specialize in recovering both commercial and personal debts.  We approach each case as unique and formulate strategies according to each case.  We try to settle claims amicably and judicial recourse is only the final step.  Our clients include foreign as well as domestic business groups.
11.    Documentation
 We sensitively handle matters which involve every stage of corporate and personal matters including drafting of contracts, agreements, memorandum of associations, articles of association etc.  We draft agreement/contracts protecting the legal interests of all the parties involved in it.  The lawyers of our office have the experience and ability to assess the credibility of the contract, protecting the clients from future liabilities.
12.    Family/Personal Law
 We handle personal laws for Muslims and Non-Muslims including matrimonial, divorce, inheritance etc.  In personal affairs, we resort to court actions only as the final option.
13.    Insurance Law
 We have extensive experience in assisting several Multinational Insurance companies.  We represent insurance companies, reinsurers, insured, agents, brokers and underwriters in various forums and courts.  Our insurance practice covers marine and non-marine fields and includes: Coverage Issues, Fire Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents,  Personal Injury, Priority Disputes between insurers, Professional Liability, Subrogation etc.
14.    Intellectual Property Laws
 We are capable of protecting our clients' interests relating to Copyright, Electronic Patents, Industrial Models, License Negotiation, Microbiological and Chemical Patents, Patent and Trademark Litigation, Transfer of Technology and General Intellectual Property Practice in the UAE.  We are experienced in enforcing and protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients, both in and out of courts.  We render legal assistance to numerous national and international firms on all aspects of intellectual property laws.  Our lawyers are qualified and well experienced in the field of Intellectual property.
15.    Labour Laws
 Through research,court appearances and contacts, we stay abreast of developments in the field of labour laws and we handle matters for both employers and employees.  We are highly experienced in dealing with issues concerning workmen compensation, end of service benefits, and all needs in connection with employment.  We represent clients in arbitration and litigation.
16.    Legal Translation
 We have well experienced personnel for legal translation and interpretation of documents.
17.    Litigation
We handle cases before all court of all levels in the UAE.  We also handle disputes before administrative and non judicial bodies.  We bring the matter to the courts only after all other remedies have been exhausted.  We have extensive trial experience in civil, commercial, corporate, criminal and labour cases.
18.    Medical Laws
 We have a devoted team able to provide a wide range of legal services to clients engaged in health care business.  We provide assistance to our clients having significant interest in the medical field.  We also handle medical malpractice & medical negligence litigation.  Our clients include hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres etc.

 19.    Real Estate Laws

The current real estate boom has brought new options to buyers, sellers and end users.  New opportunities are present in various fields.  We advice clients on legal issues in buying, selling, financing, managing, developing, leasing and managing properties.  We have years of experience in providing practical advice to our clients in both the simplest and most complex real estate transactions.  We advice on free hold properties and sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties.

 20.    Rent Committee Cases

 In matters relating to lease, sublease, rent related matters etc, we represent our clients at all stages of litigation and in virtually every field of legal practice.

21.    Transportation (Aviation/Maritime)

Our office provides legal services and consultations for individuals and legal entities on transportation through land, sea and air.  We ensure safeguarding the rights of our clients in all aspects.
Our attorneys are conversant with all kinds of Aviation/Maritime claims, from loss of cargo to accidents.  We represent owners, charterers, cargo owners, airports, shipyards, insurers, agents, brokers and traders etc.